15th Jan 2014

New items: series Materiae - Metal - Vanity - Rock

Reflecting market trends 25 new items are introduced to complete the offer by Spazio28. Natural stone, glass and metal, combined in harmonic ways respecting the different taste from modern to classic in absolute uniqueness.
More than ever, mosaic is the interpretation of innovation.

Follow these links to view the web page dedicated to each series:

Materiae, Metal, Vanity, Rock.

  15th May 2012

New catalogue Spazio28 by Venus Italia

In addition to the printed paper version, the catalogue is available online and can be downloaded as a pdf file - DOWNLOAD

  1st December 2010

81 New products!

Venus Italia has improved and extended its range of vitreous and glass mosaic: new solid colours and mixes for the series Novecento and Pop art, and two brand new series Oro Gold and Materiae.

  1st September 2010

New series VENERE

This new collection is inspired by the alluring transparency and veins of gemstones. The chromatic range, the matt and glossy finish as well as the blend with natural stones make it suited for both modern and classically designed interiors.

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